Canon ImageClass MF3240 paper jam problem - fixed!

I recently had a paper jam problem with the Canon ImageClass MF3240. I followed all the possible fix to remove the jam, but after clearing the paper in all access doors, the printer still gives the paper jam error. Restarted the printer several times to no avail and the red light keeps blinking. Well here is something not suggested in the manual.

1. Turn off your printer.
2. Pull off all plugs attached to your printer back.
3. Remove the paper tray to look for the sensor located underneath the printer.
4. Get a flashlight and look closely. The sensor is located in a small hole, just above the small plastic "lever" (looks like a small hockey paddle) on the left side of the gray rubber roller.
5. There is a tiny paper shred stuck inside and this causes the sensor to detect a paper jam.
6. Get a small tweezer to remove that paper.
7. Return all cables and start your printer and that's it!

Hope this helps you as it saved me a big headache.


Brother HL-2140 does not print

Even if the toner is new or full, the Brother HL-2140 stops printing. This is one common problem to this model. Here is what you need to do:
1. Turn off your printer
2. Take out the toner.
3. On both sides of the toner, you will see a small hole - this is the sensor.
4. Cover the sensor with masking tape and color the tape with black marker. you can also use electrical tape to cover them.

Here is a detailed video on how to do it:

Good luck!


Download HP Deskjet 1280 driver

You can directly download the HP Deskjet 1280 driver here:

You need to choose your OS. And look for the Driver selection.


Download Epson Stylus NX400 driver


How to format Nokia 5200

Try to dial these keys:

*#7780# or *#7370#

To hard format, you can press and hold:

* (asterisk or star), 3, and the call key (green handset) while turning your phone on.


How to attach pictures to Yahoo Mail

You can only be able to place pictures which came from the internet. In other words, the picture that you want to place inside the email body should have a URL or the exact web address of that particular image file. To explain this further, open your yahoo email and compose a newemail.

Now, for example you're going to insert this picture,

You need to select the image to HIGHLIGHT the picture (click and drag to highlight). Then press ctrl + c to copy (do not right click the image). Then go back to your yahoo mail and right click on the area where you want to paste it and then choose paste.


Download HP Officejet Pro L7590 Manual

Here is where you can download HP Officejet Pro L7590 Manual directly: